Consulting for MDKA

Mouvman Devlopman Kafou (MDKA) is an organic social movement that has sprung up in Kafou, a suburb of Pòtoprens, Haiti's capital. The movement was created by young men and women of that suburb who decided they could no longer sit back while witnessing the deterioration of their beloved community, rich in natural wonders and known for its great water supply.
Kafou not only has the river known as Rivyè Fwad (Cold River), but also more than just a handful beaches that embrace the entire region. From the main road when going south from Pòtoprens, right after Pòtay Leyogan, through Matisan and Kot Plaj and all the way up to Maryani, you will find a succession of beautiful beaches that embrace the whole region. Yet, just like the entire country, it is a region that is now plagued by gangs in Matisan, overpopulation resulting from inadequate housing and urban planning, and desperation because of a lack of smart government and business investments.

As MDKA evolved, the movement found a voice in Obed Remy, a Haitian citizen who lived in the United States for nearly two decades. He returned back home following his father's passing and took over the family business. Kafou is where he was and is still living a peaceful life. But neighbors saw in him an agent for positive changes because of his community engagement. This is why and how they've enlisted him as the current MDKA leader.
MDKA under his leadership has helped the whole Kafou municipality become more in control of its destiny. Now that the whole country is preparing for elections this 2022 year or next, they want to become a political force to have greater and more positive impact on the Kafou region. Some of their partners are running for elected offices such as CASEC and ASEC members. Obed Remy would run for Mayor of that suburb. This is why MDKA has chosen the Pierre Consultancy Group (PCroup) for political consultation, electoral strategy and 

marketing for those upcoming elections.
MDKA is an organic movement with their focus solely and exclusively on the development of the Kafou region. They will indeed have a slate of candidates, not just for municipal posts but also to represent the region in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate. All else relate to using that political capital, if they succeed, to:
- make Kafou, a must-travel-through region to reach parts of the South, a thoroughly secured zone through strong, smart policing and community outreach;
- reinforce the institutional capacities of the region; and
- develop the region's economy through promotion of its human, topographic, and natural assets.