Haiti, Rising Flames from Burning Ashes

Haiti the Phoenix

This book was first published in April 2006 by University Press of America (UPA). It had been reprinted last year by an online publisher and is now sold for much cheaper than the original price, Your Online Publicist).

Hyppolite Pierre has emerged as one of the most thoughtful and provocative young Haitian scholars in the United States. ...Pierre's diagnosis of Haiti's political ailments is dead-on....
(Dan Ericson, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Western Hemisphere, US Department of Defense).

I enjoyed reading this book from a former student..... He brings impressive historical knowledge to the task and deftly uses the context of Haitian independence, both its triumphs and failures, as a theoretical model for what is right and wrong in Haitian politics today. And he supplies a fascinating account of the post-colonial power structure dominated by traditional elites, whose French-identified class bias and racism continue to divide Haiti.
George A. Rosso Jr., Professor of English Literature, Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, Ct.

Haiti, Rising Flames From Burning Ashes is a seminal work, which dissects the country's embattled past and seeks answers to the complex sociopolitical and economic problems plaguing this developing nation. This fascinating historical work will be useful for policymakers, NGOs and those seeking to eradicate Haiti's problems.
(Jerome Teelucksingh, The University of the West Indies Journal of Haitian Studies)