Pierre Consultancy Group

Consulting for a better Haiti

What do we do?

Our services are multifold

Our Services are Multifold
We offer interpretation and translation services in Haitian, French, and English.
We will help you successfully engage in the political process with our Haiti experts.
We will make sure that your businesses thrive in Haiti, with help and knowledge from our valuable contacts and dedicated experts.

Our Interpretation Team

The Team

Hyppolite Pierre

Haitian and French Interpreter

Hyppolite Pierre is an interpreter with years of experience in the field. He interprets for amongst others, the Maryland Judiciary, the Virginia Judiciary, the WKKF Foundation, and the Boston Foundation.
He does sight, consecutive, and simultaneous interpretation depending on the venue and the need.
He interprets at convenings, in the court system (state and federal), and also in the medical field.
You can contact him directly at hpierre11@gmail.com, or by calling him at 301-906-4142. 

Francia Clarke

Haitian Language Interpreter

Francia Clarke is a very effective Haitian language interpreter. He occasionally interprets as well from Spanish to Haitian and does interpret in French as well.
She is equally experienced in sight translation, as well as consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.
She is a court interpreter for the Maryland Judiciary. She works as a conference interpreter in the simultaneous mode with equal ease as she does in consecutive mode in the courtroom. You can reach her at 202-386-8608, or by email at franniedclarke@gmail.com.